We help fitness-conscious people and athletes to become more active and perform better without pain or the need for painkillers.

At Moore Performance Ltd we treat everything from simple aches and pains to the more complex traumatic injuries and everything in between.

We tailor our approach to your needs and work with you to achieve your goals, whether that’s competing in high level sport or just being able to walk to the shops pain free.

We will make sure you know exactly what the issues are in straightforward language and explain the steps you need to follow to achieve your goals.

Where Does It Hurt?

Look below to find your area of concern – and click where it hurts…

Injury Assessment
and Treatment

This starts with a detailed discussion about your injury background, followed by an evaluation of the injured area including specific tests and movement assessment. We then provide you with a clear description of the issues and a treatment plan.

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A tailor-made program of exercises and/or activities to restore strength, flexibility, endurance and stability with the goal of getting you back to the best you can be whilst minimising the risk of future injuries.

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Sports Massage

We provide professional sports massage that is ideal for anyone with general muscle aches and pains. It will also reduce muscle tightness, aid recovery and prevent injuries.

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Biomechanics and
sports performance

Analysing and testing specific movements to discover weaknesses and issues that are limiting your performance or increasing the risk of injury.

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