Biomechanics and Sports Performance

Biomechanics is a fancy term for analysing how the body is moving and it involves looking at specific functions relating your sport. The aim of a biomechanical assessment is to identify issues that may be restricting performance and thus preventing you from getting to the next level; causing injuries or pre-disposing you to future issues.

At Moore Performance Ltd we will focus on you, your specific sport and its requirements. We will analyse your posture, muscle length, strength, joint alignment and stability all in relation to your specific sport, performance level and goals. The assessment will involve a series of movements and tests aimed at providing us with the information needed to compose an individual plan of action. Depending on the findings and your goals this may be a custom designed rehabilitation program; a treatment plan or advice on specific training needs. The follow-up will involve repeating the assessment after a period of time to check progress and adjustment the program to ensure you maintain the necessary progression and achieve your goals.

Please note this assessment cannot be carried out if you have a current injury. If you have an injury we recommend you have an Injury Assessment first. Once you have recovered from the injury we can progress to the biomechanics analysis to help avoid future issues.