This is a small selection of the many products we can supply to help you achieve your rehabilitation goals:

3 in 1 Foam Roller £35

Our Moore Performance 3 in 1 Foam Roller set includes, 3 rollers which fit neatly inside each other for ease of use and convenience.  The outer roller is a solid full sized foam roller, next is a softer roller for those more delicate or painful areas and in the center is a solid handheld roller.

This set offers you a range of options to self-massage your muscles.  They are used to reduce muscle tension, get rid of knots, and increase blood flow. Rolling can be done before your workout as part of your warm up, after your session to improve recovery or just as a tool to improve the state of your muscles.

Trigger Point Balls £18

We have a range of Moore Performance Trigger Point Balls including a Spikey Ball, a Spikey Peanut and a Solid Peanut.

Our Trigger Point Balls offer an excellent way to loosen up those tight muscle and knots. They are great to get to those muscles you can quite reach with a foam roller.


Small loop resistance band set £15

Moore Performance loop Bands are a set of small elastic loops that come with 5 different strengths conveniently labeled and color coded in a handy carry bag.

These resistance loops are great for strength, stability and warm up exercises. They are also very usefull to complement your existing exercises by adding more resistance to them or improving form especially your squat technique. The 5 bands of increasing resistances allow you to progress to the next band as your increase in strength.

Resistance Tube set £25

The Moore Performance Resistance Tube set is a complete training, strength, rehabilitation and injury prevention set. Our set contains 5 resistance tubes which offer increasing resistance, 2 anti slip hands, 2 ankle straps, a door anchor and a carry bag to keep it all in.

This set has a wide range of uses: the range of resistance tubes and handles allow you to do exercises for almost all of your muscles, improving your strength, fitness and mobility.

The benefit of this set is that no matter what your fitness level or strength you can train without having to have a mass of weight plates, dumbbells, bars or even a gym membership. The convenient carry bag allows you to store it away neatly and take it with you when traveling to keep your fitness on track.

Large Elastic Stretch band £20

A Moore Performance Stretch Band is a strong, large looped elastic band with a number of functions. The band is great for stretching and mobility as well as a number of functional fitness exercises. The elasticity of the band allows you to comfortably stretch your muscles or can be used to add some assistance to those tricky exercises such as chin ups or provide more resistance when you need to take your training to the next level.

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